Ban all whales

Homepage of the organisation for the whale hunting

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A violent whale in the act of killing a noble human being

On this picture it is clearly seen how a mad whale drops himslef in blind rage on a innocent sailor fallen from the deck of a peaceful ship. Why don't we see this picture in our newspaper?

Why don't we stop this?

Already some decades in big parts of the Western world a campaign is delivered against whale hunting. The real story is systematically silenced. Apparently all kinds of instances are not very happy if you and I know the real truth.

  • An ugly whaleThe truth is as follows: already since the beginning of the twentieth century are tens of thousands of whales involved in a worldwide conspiracy against humanity. Maybe you want to laugh about it. That shows we are right: u are indoctrinated to see whales as sweet, peaceful animals. They are not. Whales are bitter, stupid beasts with a irrational hatred against humanity.
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    Give us money

    We have our own bank account. Send at least 60 guilders to giro 2193352 t.n.v. Wis de Walvis in Ljouwert. With this money we can buy our time in radio and television and eventually a ship to do the good work with our own hands.

    Send your kind commentary to mavo@dds.nl