K. Kalocsay and G. Waringhien



K. KalocsayThis project aims to provide an electronic edition of the correspondence between two outstanding esperantists and esperantologists, K. Kalocsay (1911-1976) and G. Waringhien (1901-1991). The editions provided here should be at an academic level, i.e. we try to represent all aspects of the originals as faithfully as possible, including typos, scraps of text that have been deleted or added by hand, etc. The file set should be a model for the electronic edition of philological text also in other languages. It should be a source for e.g. a very precise study of language use.

A result of this project should be freely accessible (and searchable) website with all documents. Apart from that, we also plan to publish an anthology for literature lovers, either in bookform or electronically. István Ertl is the editor and coordinator of the project; Marc van Oostendorp is responsible for the technical details and the tagging.

G. WaringhienHere you find (in Esperanto) instructions for typists (in PDF-format, readable in the programme Adobe Acrobat) and some examples of a few typed letters.

You will find that the latter are not very easily readable. That is why we also provide an example of the text files as they should be in the 'definitive' website. Click on 'Studu' to see a faithful representation of the original typoscript; click on 'Legu' to find a version one can read for pleasure.

Marc van Oostendorp